Because of its high crime rate, South Africa has in recent years developed one of the most advanced security industries in the world. An integral aspect of security for both business and private use is high-class and innovative fencing solutions.

Within this environment, Serious Fencing is a leading supplier of top quality fencing solutions at the most competitive prices. With over 35 years of experience in the civil engineering and construction industries, we provide unmatched professional service to our clients. Serious Fencing forms part of Elephant Construction, further entrenching its role within the fields of building and construction.

Serious Fencing is the sole supplier of a number of cutting edge products in the Western Cape, most notably, high security Extra-Razor Steel Palisade Fencing & Shark-Teeth Spikes produced in an automated process by robotics. Here Robot Plasma Cutting and Robot Welding ensures the manufacturing of the highest quality products at the best prices.

You want to permanently scare away unwanted persons from your property and keep them out.
You stay close to a taxi rank or an informal settlement.
You have had several burglary attempts already. The criminals have not been apprehended and have forced their way into your house in the past. They might even have overcome the electrical fencing and the outside walls. You are fed up of living in fear for the safety of your loved ones and your valuables, and of ever increasing insurance policies.
EXTRA-RAZOR palisades will give you the necessary peace of mind (EXTRA-RAZOR" wall extension panels - 800-1500mm high)
Security complexes
Golf estates

To scare away criminals and unwanted persons from business premises
To effectively protect premises from burglaries, robberies, industrial espionage
Government departments, Police Stations, Research Institutes, etc.