Store despatch for local deliveries to Pretoria and Johannesburg

Recent photo of raw panels for a delivery to Iscor's
coal mine on the border to Zimbabwe

Our store

Recent work completed for Lesotho Government

The most common sizes of pales we keep in stock
to assemble panels quicker for delivery

Part of stock for most common wall spike units:
40x40, Spike Pattern: LLLL

One of our most successful EXTRA-RAZOR Palisade,
40x40, 23-spiked, Option B

Sample panel, similar as left hand side, but without offset:
EXTRA-RAZOR Palisade, 40x40, 23-spiked, Option A

Shorter length as above, used for wall extension panels

EXTRA-RAZOR Pales, 7-spiked

40x40 crown panels during undercoat application

40x40 crown panel after undercoat

Stacked wall extension pales ready for welding assembly

All our panels are CO2 welded with robotics.
A microprocessor controls the welding.
This allows us to have shorter welding
(by same strength) and panels are not bent after welding,
in comparison to common arc welded panels.
Our panels come our much straighter than arc welded panels