Our fences are manufactured by the most advanced manufacturing facility in South Africa for Palisade Fences. All fences are fully manufactured by robotics. The production of a Steel Palisade Fence takes place in 3 steps:
Cutting of hot rolled angle iron into 2- or 3-spike pales
Cleaning of pales
Welding of pales onto cross bars.
    For cutting a robot equipped with a plasma cutter gun is used.
The advantage to use robotics for cutting is:
The spikes of the pales are extremely sharp (be careful when handling our panels!)
It allows the flexibility to produce a variety of shapes:
While the most pale manufacturers use a press equipped with a custom made, expensive tool to press the crowns out of the steel, here the robot is simply re-program to cut out any required shape of spikes. This is, why one can manufacture RAZOR pales and EXTRA-RAZOR pales.
The tips of the spikes are heated in the process, and are therefore extra hard.
At present, capacity production reaches up to 90 km of cut-to size angles per month. With the new production line, this will increase the cut-to size angles per month to up to 280km! (Operational as from July/August 2003).
    The pales are cleaned in a big drum, to remove dirt and burs. This creates an ideal surface for long-lasting primer & paint on your palisade fences.    
    Whilst one robot is busy cutting, the other robot simultaneously welds the pales onto the cross bars, to manufacture panels.
The advantages for using a welding robot are:
Time (capable of doing up to 4800 units [3x2m panel] per month)
Every welding has the same quality finish (no human error)
The finished panels are square and straight, and each panel is exactly similar in measurement to the others.
The time that this process frees up leads to a substantial reduction in costs.