Safety & High Security add-on to: * Existing brick walls * Concrete walls * Pre-cast walls * Wall extension panels * Palisade Fences * Gates * Ground blockades * Carports * Window sills * etc.
To be fitted with anti-vandalise bolts & nuts (see right)
Cost effective transportation throughout South Africa & for Export
Cost effective on slopes, as no walls are necessary to compensate climbing ground level
Easy installation even on slopes (up to 45 degrees climb)
No welding required
Only basic tools needed (no electricity on site necessary)
Panel height up to 3m possible
Galvanizing up to 3m height optional
Off-the-shelf-selling possible
Strong material used: 40x40 hot rolled angle iron
Ideal for DIY, as no special equipment and skills are required
Please note: Meter prices quoted for Bolted Palisade Fence are based on a 3m wide panel incl. 1 post
    Installation photo Theresa Park/Pretoria: Front of Bolted Palisade (visual example)
    Installation photo Theresa Park/Pretoria: Rear of Bolted Palisade (visual example)    
  Installation photo Lesotho: Galvanized Bolted Palisade Fence on slopes: NO ground walls required - less installation costs - ideal for the coast! (visual example)