Safety & High Security add-on to: * Existing brick walls * Concrete walls * Pre-cast walls * Wall extension panels * Palisade Fences * Gates * Ground blockades * Carports * Window sills * etc.  
Easy to install (with 3 bolts or screws)
Fully galvanized (for long lasting corrosion protection)
Impossible to bend
Extremely sharp (penetrates nearly everything)
Many applications (see above)
Comfortable to transport (size: 1500 x 58 x 35mm)
Light weight (1.4 kg per unit)
Long teeth (up to 58mm)
Impossible to hang on or to cover
Highly deterrent
        Shark-Teeth Spikes for brick walls        
        Shark-Teeth Spikes for pre-cast walls        
      Shark-Teeth Spikes to add onto crossbars of existing Palisade Fences