In this section you will find information about the quality of our products, product specifications and sizes, as well as general hints for installation.
Should you want to install the palisade fences yourself, here are a few hints:

Do not plant all the posts first, and then insert the palisade fences in-between. Rather plant two posts, weld a palisade panel, plant one post, weld a palisade panel, and so on.

Weld steel pieces (anchors) on the bottom of the posts, so that nobody can pull them out after the concrete has dried out. Please note: our posts include the flat pole cap and the bottom mounting anchors

When you plant the posts, use a water level

If you need a gate, and you have never welded before, rather ask us, we can manufacture the gate(s) for you

If you still want to weld something yourself, remove all thinners & paint from the welding area, as thinners/paint might catch fire from the sparks

Should it rain, or the ground is wet, do not use electricity

Secure any electrical extensions and cables so that nobody can step on it

Use only proper electrical devices

Looking in a welding-arc can cause serious damages to your eyes, so wear a proper welding helmet

cut steel is very sharp, to avoid injuries, wear thick leather gloves during handling and installation

Do not rush, accidents occur then

Please note: welding is a trade. There are many more things to know. If you want quality-work, it is better to have the job done by a professional

Our BOLTED PALISADE FENCE is easy to install, if you want to avoid welding, rather go for this option.

Please note: we do not take any responsibility for any damage or injuries during installations.